Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you to our volunteers who serve on committees, lead walks and talks, participate in work parties, help with outreach and fundraisers, share knowledge and expertise, go into the field whether north coast, farmland, or urban, and provide administrative and other knowledge to help us stay successful - 5,000 acres and counting!

Photographers: Nigel P. Kent, Gloria Weyerts, Lisa Cook, Willie D'Anna, Patricia Singer. Interns: Ben Schultes, Suzanne Foote. Eagle Scout: Sam Murray Eagle Scout Project Volunteers: Warren Elvin, Raajan Jonnala, Lewis Nazarian, Dave Zariczny, Tristan Kurtz, Chuck Canham, Max Murray, Reece VanDoren, Joel VanDoren, Maggie Murray, Geff Yancey, Jennifer Murray, Bill Murray, Briak Vick, Nathan Zariczny, Matt Mcomber. Manitou Beach Preserve Work Party: Chris Gates, Carol Shay, David Raczka. Island Cottage Woods Restoration Monitoring: Courtney Mannioni, Wyatt Jackson, Alex Fisher, Justin Maybach, Emily Jackson. Balloon Adventure Event: Cenie Cafarelli Conservation Easement Monitoring: Cenie Cafarelli, John Boettcher, Norma Platt. Walk Leaders: Carol & David Southby, Martha Zettel & Bill O'Neill, Steven Daniel, Lisa McCormick. Cornwall Parties:  Gretchen Voss, Carol and Jim May. Wayne County outreach:  Walter Gilges.  Cornwall state grant application: Ora Rothfuss, Wayne County Planning Department. Run for Land Committee: Ann Stevens, Lauri Hofmann and family, Nancy Middleton, Suzanne Wheatcraft. 2016 Backyard Habitat Tour Committee: Judy Bigelow, Cenie Cafarelli, Susan Keith, Georgia Nelson, Lee Caine, Renee Wilson. Winter Lecture Native Gardening: Rachel Edwards, Lois Dannenberg, Laurie Broccolo and the Penfield Library.  Winter Lecture National Parks of the Southwest: Randi and Nic Minetor and the Penfield Library. Nazareth College Sustainable Farming Event: Robert Kraus, Mary Boite, Diane Cass, Elizabeth Henderson.  Alasa Farms Field Trip: Janet Buchanan Smith, Caitlyn Higgins. Administrative and Land Management Assistance: Susannah Deever-Buhrman. Tour Booklet Designer: Jennifer Wagner.  Walks Brochure Designer: Emily Love. Winter Wonder Land Event: Steve Melcher, piano, Alison DeMarco and Joe Notaro, Underwriters:  Faraci, Lange LLP, Conifer, ESL Foundation, Sponsors: Forte Capital, Honeoye Falls Marketplace, Four Corners Optical, Donors: The Rabbit Room, Mill Art Gallery, Colonial Liquor, Hickory Smith, The Bird House, Honeoye Falls Distillery, Tallulah's Fancy, 5 Star Bank, Broccolo Tree and Lawn. Legal Assistance:  Peter Woods at ESL Federal Credit Union, Timothy Fitzgerald at Bond Schoeneck, LLP, Scott Forsyth, George Parker, Chris Mumford at Lacy, Katzen, LLP, Joseph Carello at Nixon, Peabody, LLP.  Environmental Review:  Rick Marx, Elaine Enfonde, Amy Reichart at Nixon, Peabody, LLP.  Holiday Reception: Howard Potter, Ken Scott, Kinloch Nelson. Anonymous underwriter, Max of Eastman Place. eNews Training and Design:  Judy Anderson, Dorene Warner. Urban Youth Conservationists Program: Kamaria Graham, Claudia Edmond, Isaiah Hepburn, Lisa Barker & Seedfolk City Farm, Cheri Roloson & Cracker Box Palace, DJ Kitzel, Doug Mason.  Harvest Fest: Kamiu Blake, Kamaria Graham, Claudia Edmonds, Isaiah Hepburn, Rodregus Tripp, Cenie Cafarelli, Tom Frey, Jim Farr, Iieshia Hall, Jackie Graham, Dawn Bird, Miguel Melendez, Sacha Rios, Ramona Colon, Madeline Colon, Wanda Martinez. El Camino Trail Days: Connie Ehindero, Sue Lawton, Luis Burgos, Shaquille Smith, Jim Thompson, Pat Canty, Peter Ruckdeschel, Cleve Williams, Miriam Scardinale, Tom Frey, Cenie Cafarelli. Wilson Day at El Camino: University of Rochester class of 2019.

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