Protect Your Land

Are you a landowner interested in preserving your special property? As a landowner you care deeply about your land. You may enjoy the wildlife that lives there, know each great tree that shades it, or have wonderful memories tied to your special landscape. As steward of your land you may have great concern for its future.

Genesee Land Trust may be able to help you ensure that your land will remain protected beyond your ownership.

Deciding to protect your land in perpetuity is a personal decision - and we at Genesee Land Trust understand that. We speak frequently with property owners who have just started to consider conserving their land and are looking for information about their options.

Conserving your land starts with your vision for its future. It also involves your financial and tax circumstances, the value of the land itself, and the conservation goals of Genesee Land Trust. Some permanent protection techniques that we utilize entail certain transaction costs. We will clearly describe to you the preservation tools we use and outline any possible costs to you as your decision proceeds.

Here are a few more resources as you consider preserving your land:

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