Wegmans Passport To Family Wellness

Wegmans is committed to improving the lives of its customers and employees, especially in the areas of health and wellness. Their search for fun ways to get folks off the sofa was the inspiration behind Wegmans popular "Eat Well, Live Well "Passport to Family Wellness" program.

In 2005, Wegmans met with Penfield, NY officials to discuss how they could jointly encourage local residents to get moving as a way to enjoy healthier, better lives. They offered a fun "out of the box" idea—teaming up to encourage exploration of local nature trails. The result: a pocket-sized trail "passport" with easy-to-read maps, fitness tips, and motivation in the form of prizes for trails hiked and recorded in booklets.

Today, over 60 Wegmans stores partner with town and city recreation programs, park conservancy groups, fitness programs, and more—and hundreds of families are discovering the fun of hiking, skiing, canoeing, biking, and exploring their town's picturesque trails. 

Genesee Land Trust is proud to be a part of the passport program. We are pleased to share with you our wide-ranging system of trails. Each of the 11 trails offers its own rewards, from woodlands to meadows, and marshes teeming with wildlife. With your passport you can discover areas of this region you never knew about, while enjoying the health benefits of exercising in the great outdoors. Join the millions who have discovered that walking is good for body and soul!

Visit Wegmans' Passport to Family Wellness website to learn more about it and get your own passport! From the Wegmans website, scroll down to "Want to get involved?", then follow the link to "Print Passport" below the Genesee Land Trust header. Feel free to call us with any questions at (585) 256-2130.



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